Brand Spotlight


Brand Strategy & Design / Collateral Design / Copywriting / Web Design & Development


The Abe brand needed to reflect Abraham Lincoln, a beacon of honesty, candor, and trust. A brand new face in the student lending space, Abe needed to differentiate itself from other lenders, and grab the attention of prospective student borrowers.


  • Abe provides, “plain, honest student loans.” is the tagline that incorporates the brand as matter-of-fact, straight to the point, and doesn’t mince words.
  • The whole brand reflects Honest Abe, Abraham Lincoln – from the no-nonsense, simplified, brand tone to its color palette of Stovepipe, Heartland, Illinois Sky, Parchment, and Bright Copper.
  • We created a brand that’s calm for borrowers and conveys an even-keel, fairness.