Gridly Gets Energized Through PR and Social Media Marketing


  • Gridly / Net-Zero & Clean Energy Solutions
  • Simplifies the process of going net zero for Massachusetts homeowners.


  • Increased contacts month over month by 287.6%, from 129 to 500
  • Increased new website visitors, month over month, by 1200% – from 5.14 to 66.83
  • Increased new website visitors via organic social month over month by 3505%, from 0.89 to 32.09

The Client

Gridly simplifies the process of going net zero for Massachusetts homeowners using an action plan that relies on an innovative platform that gathers key data about customers’ home energy footprint and runs them through a robust building science algorithm. An action plan’s results customize a plan with options and recommendations to convert a customer’s home from fossil fuel reliance to a renewable energy-fueled net-zero home.

The Issue

As a new company in a relatively unknown space, Gridly’s resources were limited having no converted customers. They needed to create cost-efficient, impactful, marketing with a minimum spend.

The Solution

Bob Rosenfield, Gridly’s CEO, came to Incenter Marketing through a past relationship he had with a his previous company, JN Phillips Auto Glass, and current Incenter Marketing President, Vashti Brotherhood. Bob’s marketing success with JN Phillips Auto Glass drew him to reach out to Vashti, for her marketing experience and proven track record.

After learning the details of Gridly, Incenter Marketing proposed a custom solution that would take on a three-pronged approach over a month-long campaign that would layer an increase of brand visibility through PR, an increase in organic and paid social media activity, and an introduction into email marketing to Gridly’s current contact database. The email nurture campaign component is entering finalization and plans to launch once additional website updates are completed.

Public Relations

PR is ongoing, however, began on March 27th with an article in the Gloucester Times. That article generated 237 new Gridly website visitors, a 23600% increase from the previous day (1), and 41 new contacts in their database, resulting in 33 action plans created.

On April 9th, Gridly was featured in a Boston Globe article titled, “Free website seeks to take the guesswork out of electrifying homes.” That article, also published on, generated 506 new Gridly website visitors – a 3514% increase from the previous day, and 166 new contacts in their database – who said newspapers were dead?! This resulted in 132 customers creating Gridly Action Plans

The most recent PR opportunity came on April 18th in which Bob Rosenfield was a guest of WBZ News Radio program NightSide with Jordan Rich who was filling in for host Dan Rae. April 18th saw a total of 138 site visits and a total of 11 new contacts. Nine contacts were gained within the 9:00 – 9:48 pm interview time slot. This resulted in 8 action plans being created.

Great PR opportunities have educated and encouraged people to explore the Gridly website themselves, and submit their email addresses or even go as far as an action plan. Month over month with Incenter Marketing’s help, Gridly gained 285 action plan requests and 371 new contacts over just 129 and 10, respectively.

Incenter Marketing Quick Stats

  • Increased new contacts/leads gained per day from 4.48 to 12.79 gained per day
  • Increased new site visits from 5.14 to 66.83 per day
  • PR Increased new visitor traffic to the site by over 23000%, 3500%, and over 135% (twice) on 4 separate occasions resulting in a gain of 235 new contacts/leads and 921 total new site visits on those days.
  • Increased new site visitors through Organic Social campaigns (videos/posts) from an average of 0.89 visitors to 32.09 per day

Social Media

The Social Media strategy was/is multi-faceted. It included the creation of 6 educational videos, filmed on-site at, “The Gridly House,” located in Rockport, Massachusetts. The videos included dozens of hours of editing and review, and once approved were placed in a Facebook ad campaign alongside 10 animated tiles that would serve as additional sponsored content.

Measuring site visits specifically from organic social, month over month, Gridly’s performance was boosted by 3,505%. From an average of 0.89 organic social site visits between March 25th and April 13th to an average of 32.09 organic social site visits between April 14th and April 24th.

Gaining Energy

Gridly’s momentum continues growing thanks to the ongoing social campaign and continued PR opportunities, including interviews, radio, online, and print. Customer behavior data provided by the latest PR and social campaign efforts have suggested further steps be taken within Gridly’s “Point of Sale” platform. Those steps include tweaks to the Gridly Action Plan webpage and additional touch points via an email campaign, that’s close to finalization, and will be deployed to further remind customers to either create their action plan or to take action based on their action plan recommendation.

Gridly is changing the way people think about home electrification, and Incenter Marketing has amplified its message to the masses within Massachusetts.


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