How to Reinvigorate Sales Staff to Close More Deals in Tough Times

By Casey Cunningham, Xinnix | June 19, 2023

In today’s business landscape, countless organizations are grappling with a decline in sales. Instead of succumbing to defeat, astute sales leaders will perceive this as an opportunity to hone their skills and explore innovative avenues to close more deals even in trying times.

During a downturn, professionals across all industries have the chance to shape a brighter future for themselves. Rather than reverting to outdated strategies, exceptional sales managers and professionals challenge themselves with introspective questions: “How can I surpass my best-performing year? How are the dynamics of the buying process evolving, and am I adapting accordingly? What must I learn to elevate my success to new heights?”

These pivotal questions also shed light on the crucial role played by sales leaders in propelling their teams forward. The most accomplished leaders never settle for complacency. Recognizing that their potential lies within their grasp, they inspire their teams to unlock their collective brilliance. Although this may seem daunting, XINNIX research reveals that approximately 76% of individuals within organizations have the capacity for deeper engagement. With the right strategies, leaders can empower their teams to deliver their best performance. Here are some proven approaches:

Pick the Right Manager

Handpick the ideal manager: It is often assumed that exceptional salespeople automatically possess the skills to lead. However, the reality is that sales prowess and leadership abilities don’t necessarily align. This becomes particularly apparent during challenging times. Sales professionals will closely observe their leaders, seeking cues about their own future. The most astute leaders, recognizing this, will be transparent, honest, accessible, optimistic and empathetic. Additional training can ensure all individuals in leadership positions find ways to bring out their “people skills”—which are foundational to driving their teams forward.

Turn the Lights On

Validate the “stars” at the helm: It is imperative that sales leaders themselves consistently shine. A thorough analysis of their teams’ past performance may reveal unclear plans, goals, strategies, and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as inadequate communication regarding expectations and even an acceptance of a subpar team mindset. In demanding markets, it is prudent to replace underperforming managers with individuals who consistently expect the best from everyone, while publicly acknowledging everyone’s positive impact.

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