PR Case Study

Amplifying a Technology Powerhouse’s Brand Leadership

From inflation to energy costs, the financial obstacles facing national restaurants and retailers are manageable with technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT). With help from Incenter Marketing, Powerhouse Dynamics is educating these industries on how to harness IoT solutions to improve their top and bottom line.

Powerhouse Dynamics is a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for many of the nation’s top restaurant, foodservice and retail companies. These sectors are particularly challenged by labor shortages, inflation, high energy costs, and ESG/sustainability imperatives.

Powerhouse Dynamics’ Open Kitchen® and SiteSage® solutions are helping clients maximize their efficiency, reduce spending, improve safety and food quality, and increase agility despite these stressors. By connecting their equipment—from HVAC to freezers—and monitoring the data they “transmit” from the cloud, organizations that work with Powerhouse Dynamics are saving millions of dollars.

Incenter Marketing is helping this company to amplify its brand leadership through a national and regional public relations program, which is also providing Powerhouse Dynamics with new digital marketing content. Following is a small sampling of results.

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