Tax Appeal May Bring Big Savings

By Lew Sichelman, The Housing Scene | January 20, 2023

Property taxes are rising right along with the cost of food, gas and other necessities. One main difference: You won’t have to wait for inflation to come down to lower your property taxes. And you can do it all yourself.

“Most people are under-assessed, but the market is changing,” says Alison Tulio of Incenter Tax Solutions, a company that appeals property tax assessments on behalf of homeowners. The company works with a network of 10,000 local appraisers and attorneys across the country. “Values are declining, which means more and more people will (soon) be over-assessed. That’s when you can appeal.”It’s not hard to protest your tax: Just follow the instructions that come along with your tax bill. I once did it.All I had to do was find out which houses were being used by the local assessor’s office as comparables for mine. Then I went to these houses, giving each of them a once-over to determine how they differed from my place. (I couldn’t get inside, of course — didn’t even try — but the exterior differences were enough to make my case.)

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